2016 FASEB BioArt Winner 


Microbes are Beautiful, presented at New England Biolabs when I accepted a 2016 Passion in Science Award in Arts and Creativity:


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Scott Chimileski

Small abstract biofilm painting


Scott Chimileski

Haloferax volcanii colonies on salt crystals


CBE Chimileski

The Center for Biofilm Engineering, Montana State University


Scott Chimileski

Halorubrum sp. encapsulted within salt crystal


Scott Chimileski Black Bear 1

A black bear eating dandelions in Glacier National Park, Montana.



Haloferax volcanii expressing Green Fluorescent Protein



ott Chimileski JB 2015 haloarchaea Haloferax


Journal of Bacteriology. October 2015, volume 197. issue 20.

Haloferax volcanii cells encapsulated in halite crystals.




Journal of Bacteriology cover 2014 Scott Chimileski colony biofilm


Journal of Bacteriology. December 2014, volume 196, issue 24.

The miniature “volcano”: an environmental isolate cultivated from a decaying log with a highly structured and elevated colony morphology that reflects down upon the agar medium.



Scott Chimileski Halophiles book cover Haloferax volcanii salt crystals


Halophiles: Genetics and Genomes (2014) Papke RT and Aharon Oren (eds.)  Caister Academic Press.

Five original photographs of Haloferax volcanii colonies, biofilms, and salt crystals published as cover photos; ISBN-978-1-908230-42-3

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