Scott Chimileski

Dr. Scott Chimileski

I am a biologist, writer and photographer currently working as a Research Fellow in the Kolter lab at Harvard Medical School.

My research is focused on the application of macroscopic imaging and timelapse photography to microbial multicellular forms, communities, interspecies interactions and wider spheres of the microbial world.

My major projects for the public understanding of microbial science at this time are the Microbial Life exhibition at the Harvard Museum of Natural History, and the book, Life at the Edge of Sight, both launching in the fall of 2017.

Most of my online writing these days is on the Microbial Sciences blog for the American Society for Microbiology (ASM). See my writer profile on ASM.org for an up-to-date list of recent articles.

As a wildlife photographer now fascinated with the microbial world, I can’t help but think that as I explore a gram of soil or a milliliter of water from nature with a microscope and find an entire invisible ecosystemthat I experience life just as if I am on a walk through the forest.

I am on Twitter @socialmicrobes,  Linkedin, PubMedResearchGateFrontiers and Google Scholar.

A detailed CV is on my other website: Microbial Science Photography Lab.

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