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The American Society of Microbiology (ASM) has been assembling a team of writers for a new blogging network. I am excited to say that I am a part of this group and will be writing primarily for the Microbial Sciences blog there.

Other budding blogs in the network are bLogphase from ASM CEO Stefano Bertuzzi and Zika Diaries by Vincent Racaniello. Articles are also coming in from Elio Schaecter’s Small Things Considered – which just hit its 10-year anniversary as the original ASM blog.

For me this starts today with “Mystery of the Spring-Smelling Microbes” – an article inspired by an incubator on my floor that smells like dirt. It’s the story of how I learned about the molecule geosmin and the microbes that produce it.

While I will continue to write photography and travel related articles on Animalcule, most of my online essays about microbial science from this point will be published at and linked back here.

We plan to publish a Microbial Sciences article at least once every week. We are an enthusiastic group of microbiologists with months of interesting topics in the works! So look for updates and check out what is developing on!


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